Looking Up To The Sun Through Tears

The ever brilliant Charlotte Schreiber has just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to publish the photos documenting her 44 day journey through Japan in a beautiful book. I have been waiting for these news ever since she posted a sneak preview of the book on Instagram and I really hope it will become reality.

Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen is an Onsen Town located approximately 2.5 hours from Kyoto by train. The town offers seven onsen – natural hot springs – and many beautiful Ryokan. Find some impressions from Kinosaki Onsen, plus some information about Japanese onsen culture in the post.

5 Things To Do in Chicago

Chicago is full of splendid views, architectural icons, spectacular sundowns and wide skies, old signage, boat cruises, super friendly people, that enormous lake and lots of fun in general. Find some highlights to put on your to-do list, in case you ever happen to find yourself in the city in the article.

Into the Woods

Today we took a walk in the woods up on the Zuriberg, which is located just a short funicular ride from our home. I love getting lost in its web of pathways, hiding away from the city for a while. The woods are the best place to experience the change of the seasons and they are particularly beautiful in autumn, don’t you think?

Hiking around Lago Ritom

Together with my team at work, I went on an overnight trip to Lago Ritom – a barrier lake in the Piora Valley. After arriving in the afternoon, some colleagues and I enjoyed a 2.5-hour walking tour around the lake that nestled between mountain tops at about 1850 metres above sea level. The hike offered everything from

Coffee in Tokyo

Japan has a huge coffee culture. In places like Tokyo or Kyoto, there is a vivid coffee scene, and people seem to be even more obsessed about coffee than in Berlin or Brooklyn. Especially drip coffee is huge in Japan – and the iced coffee variety quickly became my go-to refreshment on those warm, late spring days. Here is a

Taking it Slow in Tomigaya

Another neighbourhood recommended in the Monocle Guide was Tomigaya near Yoyogi Park. It was a part of Shibuya we had not yet visited and we were eager to go and explore. The area is full of little hip stores and design / architecture studios. Over Okonomiyaki for lunch, we imagined what it would be like

Through the Side Streets of Shibuya

After landing in Tokyo at 6 a.m. we quickly dropped off our luggage at the hotel – dismissing the thought of a nap and a hot shower after a 12-hour flight. Check-in will not be possible until 3 p.m. they told us. So the metro took us to Shibuya and spit us out onto the infamous crossing. It’s