Sydney Day #1 – Arrival.

December 26th, 2012. 24 hours later with sore muscles and bruises on my knees, I finally arrive at Sydney Airport. Only shortly thereafter I suddenly find myself plunging into a rock pool at Bronte Beach. Better than any shower you could ever take! Thanks for taking me there, Maria and Will. My first Australian flat

Leaving home for Christmas.

The past days I read your tweets, I saw your pictures, your check-ins at obscure places around Germany and the world. Everyone was heading home for Christmas. For me, it is the first year that I don’t. Instead, I spent most of Christmas Eve packing and being excited about leaving for Sydney. Luckily I have

14 days.

  I started to count the days until this, starting at 50 and now all of a sudden I am down to 14.   14 days until I will board a plane flying across countries and oceans to another continent. Down Under, they call it. This time of the year it will be burning hot

Autumn Kitchen #4

Whilst kids dream of spending a night alone in a toy store, I wish I could spend a night of cooking and eating at the grocery department of the Lafayette here in Berlin. All the different kinds of vegetables, cheeses, beverages and the packaging! Oh, the packaging! I secretly wish it was part of my

Autumn Kitchen #3

Autumn is apple season and since my little oat brittle endeavor, I could not stop thinking about an apple crumble with almond and nut brittle on top. I peeled and cooked the apples with a good amount of cinnamon before putting them in to a casserole. I covered up the whole thing with a simple


In the mornings we commute, from our homes to work, to school. Some commute to keep themselves occupied after waking up too early or staying up all night. We huddle together in these trains during the hours when we are the most vulnerable, still tired, longing for the softness of the bed or our h skins.

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Autumn Kitchen #2

Most Sundays, while lying in bed and having a cup of tea to wake up, I think about breakfast. In my head I review the ingredients in the kitchen and start making a plan. Today I decided to make a very simple fruit salad from apples and mandarines, seasoning it with some lime juice and

Morning Routines.

Getting up in the mornings gets harder every day as autumn progresses. The light is different from summer mornings, the air in my room is cold and I am tempted to spend the day under these sheets. The windows are old and permeable, but I don’t bother to turn on the heating during the nights.

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It is no secret that Berlin is a large city. Looking at a map while waiting for the subway, I try to identify the places I already have been to and compare these to the whole area of Berlin. Apart from the outskirts, especially the western parts are an unexplored terrain for me. So I

Autumn Kitchen #1

Autumn & winter are my favorite times for cooking and baking. Whereas summer is mostly about eating light salads with steak and lots of fruit, these two seasons make me crave steaming hot dishes right from the oven. Luckily they provide us with wonderful kinds of vegetables like pumpkin and root vegetables of all kinds,