A Saturday Coffee Walk.

Together with Sebastian I went on a little coffee walk, starting with the new The Barn Roastery. No sugar, no soy milk and no laptops that is. Instead perfect coffee – mine tasted of Strawberries and chocolate – and was served by a very nice barista. Additionally we met some friends at the café as


The feeling when you discovered a plant you had never seen before or when holding a stone in oddly beautiful shape. The memory of days when a little bit of imagination and curiosity would turn your garden or that place down by the river into an adventure. The cornfields and old barns with their doors

Apartment Story

  Some Saturdays are best spent at home, in this beautiful apartment with this wonderful view. I sit, stare at the green outside the window and wonder what it will look like when the trees across the tracks move from green to yellow and brown. At the market I buy all kinds of vegetables, mostly because

NYC revisited #1

More than a year ago I visited New York. I kept a very detailed travel journal and I would post pictures and some text on a daily basis to my blog. Then I accidentally broke the old blog and everything was gone.  But, the notebook in all its analogue glory remains and so do many

Out of context.

You are sitting outside on the little balcony. The street is crowded with people heading to and from the train station. Some carry a suitcase, others hold each other in tight embraces while walking, afraid of goodbyes or overwhelmed by hellos. You sit, stare and listen. The noise of the city became your soundtrack of


Working as a creative at an agency for digital brand management, most of my days are spent handling things concerning the digital sphere. I have a passion for the digital, created my first web page when I was 17 and have an unnatural attachment to my iPhone. Yet, I start to realise that especially in