Unité d’ Habitation – Typ Berlin

“Architecture is able to make great play with contrasts, to harmonize simple elements with complex ones and small with great, to blend the forcible with the graceful.” “Reinforced concrete provides a solution – a revolution of the scheme of things.” “And when man finds himself alone in vast empty spaces he grows dishearted. We must

Things to do in Paris

Coffee & Food Bad coffee is a rare find in Paris. As I prefer black coffee, I mostly ordered an espresso, that I drank sitting outside or standing at the bar. I often had coffee after lunch or dinner at one of Paris’ Brasseries. Here are some places for food, coffee and drinks that I’d can recommend: La


Spring has arrived in Berlin and I am enjoying the new apartment, the sunlight, wonderful food and life in general. Finally the clock was shifted on hour forward and I won’t be leaving the office after dark anymore. It’s two weeks until my trip to Paris and I finally got my blog back on track.