The Endless City

From the ground, Tokyo seems like a conglomeration of different and diverse cities, commercial centres and towns. But, it’s on top of one of Tokyo’s many skyscrapers, where you will realise: Tokyo is endless. See some pictures taken from Tokyo City View up on Mori Tower for proof.

Notre-Dame du Haut

Last weekend we went on a little road trip to France and visited Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp. The large chapel up on a hill with its large concrete roof that was designed by Le Corbusier and completed in 1954 is quite a sight. What I enjoyed most though was the detailing like the painted

DMY 2013

I enjoyed a short stroll through the old hangar of Tempelhof Airport during DMY – a trade fair for design. Lots of lamps, beautiful and weird shaped things struck my eyes. I just wish they had opened more parts of the former airport building for the occasion. I took these images with my Minolta SR-T

Unité d’ Habitation – Typ Berlin

“Architecture is able to make great play with contrasts, to harmonize simple elements with complex ones and small with great, to blend the forcible with the graceful.” “Reinforced concrete provides a solution – a revolution of the scheme of things.” “And when man finds himself alone in vast empty spaces he grows dishearted. We must