DMY 2013

I enjoyed a short stroll through the old hangar of Tempelhof Airport during DMY – a trade fair for design. Lots of lamps, beautiful and weird shaped things struck my eyes. I just wish they had opened more parts of the former airport building for the occasion. I took these images with my Minolta SR-T


While waiting for the winter to leave, we take walks through Berlin’s empty parks. Our finger tips are frozen when take pictures of the first willow catkins and we observe the deer grazing through last year’s autumn leaves. 4 days until the beginning of spring. 15 days until Easter. I am counting the days.


  Some pictures I took in the weeks after returning back to Berlin. I did miss home a little bit, too. All of these were taken with a Minolta SR-T 101 and Kodak Gold film, a perfect combination. Expect more analogue pictures in 2013!  


It is no secret that Berlin is a large city. Looking at a map while waiting for the subway, I try to identify the places I already have been to and compare these to the whole area of Berlin. Apart from the outskirts, especially the western parts are an unexplored terrain for me. So I

A Saturday Coffee Walk.

Together with Sebastian I went on a little coffee walk, starting with the new The Barn Roastery. No sugar, no soy milk and no laptops that is. Instead perfect coffee – mine tasted of Strawberries and chocolate – and was served by a very nice barista. Additionally we met some friends at the café as

Apartment Story

  Some Saturdays are best spent at home, in this beautiful apartment with this wonderful view. I sit, stare at the green outside the window and wonder what it will look like when the trees across the tracks move from green to yellow and brown. At the market I buy all kinds of vegetables, mostly because