Coffee in Tokyo

Japan has a huge coffee culture. In places like Tokyo or Kyoto, there is a vivid coffee scene, and people seem to be even more obsessed about coffee than in Berlin or Brooklyn. Especially drip coffee is huge in Japan – and the iced coffee variety quickly became my go-to refreshment on those warm, late spring days. Here is a

Coffee in Leipzig

  This is what drinking coffee in Leipzig looks like. I miss this city and I believe I should go and pay it a visit sometime this spring, to revisit some of my favorite spots. These pictures are from 2010, the last time I took a trip to my old university city.  

A Saturday Coffee Walk.

Together with Sebastian I went on a little coffee walk, starting with the new The Barn Roastery. No sugar, no soy milk and no laptops that is. Instead perfect coffee – mine tasted of Strawberries and chocolate – and was served by a very nice barista. Additionally we met some friends at the café as