Into the Woods

Today we took a walk in the woods up on the Zuriberg, which is located just a short funicular ride from our home. I love getting lost in its web of pathways, hiding away from the city for a while. The woods are the best place to experience the change of the seasons and they are particularly beautiful in autumn, don’t you think?

Market Day in Zurich

On Fridays, I try to make it an extra early morning in order to be able to go for a stroll across the market on Zurich’s Bürkliplatz and buy some fresh vegetables for the weekend. I love checking out the different stalls, see how they present their produce and how their offer changes across the

Hiking around Lago Ritom

Together with my team at work, I went on an overnight trip to Lago Ritom – a barrier lake in the Piora Valley. After arriving in the afternoon, some colleagues and I enjoyed a 2.5-hour walking tour around the lake that nestled between mountain tops at about 1850 metres above sea level. The hike offered everything from

The Lake

“I will arise and go now, For always night and day I hear lake water lapping With low sounds by the shore; While I stand on the roadway Or on the pavements gray, I hear it in the deep heart’s core.” — W.B. Yeats

Before the rain

The weather these days is cold and rainy. Hard to believe that these pictures were taken a week ago – the sun was still out and we went on a walk towards the lake, passing through the university quarters, a hidden garden and the old town of Zurich. We passed meadows with flowers and those

The Making of Most

Apples and pears are probably the #1 fruit in Switzerland. When driving from Geneva to Zurich in mid-August, the streets were lined with beautiful fruit trees already touting the bliss of fresh, delicious fruits in autumn. Autumn is also the season when Swiss people make Most from some of those apples and pears. Most is